INDA’s Handbooks and Primers

INDA is pleased to give its handbooks and primers to INDA Members for free as another value added service. The PDF files below are available for download.

   Learn how production of air laid pulp nonwovens has almost tripled since 1992 and what the future direction is for this industry.
   INDA’s first primer on the filtration industry. Overview of the total industry and the growing consumption of nonwoven media. Fourth largest nonwovens end-use market in North America.
   Nonwovens terms at your fingertips! Covering the industry from A to Z. Must-have resource for your company and your customers.
Written to provide the reader with an overview of the hydroentangling industry, its markets, growth rates and examples of product success stories.
The History of Technology, Markets & Success Stories Needlepunch Processes, Fibers Used in Needlepunching.
Provides a complete introduction to the nonwovens industry in easy-to-read, layman’s terms for industry newcomers and students and a refresher for seasoned professionals.
Great Introductory Guide for those new to the Industry. This handbook serves as an introduction to the spunbonded and melt blown technologies.