FlushSmart, Labeling, and Standards

Joint Presentation with: Matt O'Sickey, Educational and Technical Director, INDA and Lara Wyss, President, RFA.


The Clog Monster is at it again... committing toilet crimes all over California and beyond. He's ignoring the "Do Not Flush" symbol and using non-flushable wipes to clog sewers. Luckily, the Responsible Flushing Alliance is on the case! Now in its third year, the #FlushSmart campaign continues its efforts to educate consumers about proper flushing habits regarding what should and should not be flushed. During this session, you'll get an update on the #FlushSmart campaign, including addressing the problem (toilet crimes) with a solution (potty training for grownups). We'll also share the winning entries from our public service announcement competition with the Youth Cinema Project, and plans for our third annual Flush Smart Day!

5/29/2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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