QAP – Why Conduct Multiple Audits When One Will Do?

Ralf Veltman, Sales Manager Assurance, BSI; Marines Lagemaat, Scientific and Technical Affairs Director, EDANA; and Matt O’Sickey, Director of Education & Technical Affairs, INDA

Introducing the nonwovens quality and audit program for the hygiene industry.

Suppliers in the Hygiene Products industry – covering absorbent hygiene products as well as wet wipes – deploy quality management systems to demonstrate they meet high quality and hygiene standards.  There are multiple, converter-defined standards in place that have a significant overlap and are often based on common underlying elements such as ISO and other accepted quality and hygiene principles. This increases the complexity in the day-to-day operation at supplier sites as multiple audits may be conducted by different parties at the same supplier location, addressing a rather similar set of requirements. 

This situation leaves room for improvement by introducing a harmonized standard benchmark with QA and hygiene requirements that are focused on the hygiene industry and offering an objective third party audit program.  These insights led to the development of the voluntary and harmonized Quality and Audit Program (QAP) initiative.  This webinar will introduce the program, its objectives and benefits, and how it operates.

10/31/2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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